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Early Abortion by Mifeprex, Misoprostol & Sonogram (up to 6 weeks)

Undesired pregnancies now from 72 hours (after conception) to about six weeks can be terminated with a single pill of Mifeprex, taken in office after a positive UCD and sonographic evaluation. To receive this medical treatment an office visit is required to fill out personal and medical history forms.

A decision to have an abortion may seem complicated, but choosing an abortion procedure does not have to be. Surgical abortions are more expensive and complications such as uterus perforations and infections are a risk. For women who feel anxious in a surgical setting, an FDA marketed Abortion pill called Mifeprex is a more viable option.

Why Mifeprex?

In addition to privacy, simplicity and its success rate, the new drug Mifeprex, has become the number one choice for women all over the world for terminating their unwanted pregnancy. Mifeprex feels less invasive than a surgical abortion, has little to no side effects and does not have an effect on future fertility.

Appointments: As this is not defined as an abortion procedure but an abortion treatment, it can be done any day of the week in the office or in the privacy of your own home. Appointments are available within 24 hours of your call at even the most desired days and times.

Day of Appointment:

You will be greeted in our newly renovated office by qualified, friendly staff. Our staff will administer forms to provide information about your personal and medical history. Once you complete all required forms, you will be accompanied to an exam room where the medical assistant will chart your vital signs and perform two blood tests to get the value of your hemoglobin levels (must be above 10). They will then determine your Rh blood type (positive or negative) and conduct a vaginal sonogram to discuss the results with the doctor or nurse practitioner. Once the MA receives the approval to start the treatment, the MA will once again go over with your available choices. When you elect to terminate this pregnancy through abortion by pill, she will administer the Mifeprex and give 2 pills by mouth. In most cases, this will complete the treatment. However, to increase the success rate of the pill, you will receive 2 to 4 pills of Misoprostol to be taken 72 hours later by placing them under your tongue. *These pills are only to be taken in particular cases where the Mifeprex does not induce heavy period like bleeding.

What To Expect:

Your bleeding can start within 72 hours of taking Mifeprex or within 3/4 days after taking the Misoprostol. Cramping pain can be similar to period pain or moderate. Misoprostol works with Prostaglandin, to contract your uterus. Taking any pain medication that works against induction of contraction will result in failure of the treatment. A heating pad or shower generally helps to ease the pain.


The treatment to end a pregnancy using Mifeprex works by depriving progesterone required to support pregnancy and you are required not to take any multivitamins, folic acid, or any other pregnancy-supporting foods. For the next one week following the procedure, do not drink wine or any other alcoholic substances. Use pads only (no tampons) to avoid the risk of infection. To further prevent infection, do not swim or take baths, however, you may shower.

* The following conditions make you ineligible for receiving this treatment*

  • Are currently using an IUD, which must be taken out prior to taking Mifeprex.
  • Have a pregnancy longer than about 6 weeks.
  • Have an Ectopic pregnancy (outside of the uterus).
  • Have issues with your adrenal glands.
  • Take blood thinners.
  • Have bleeding issues.
  • Have Porphyria
  • Take certain types of steroid medications
  • Are allergic to any component of Mifepristone or Misoprostol.