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Natural Manual Vacuum Aspiration

Manual Vacuum Aspiration is a non-invasive, as well as delicate procedure. This procedure allows you to have a trusted companion by your side, throughout the entire procedure without having to visit a recovery room. MVA works best 5-10 weeks into the pregnancy but can be used up to 12 weeks- if advised by the physician.

The procedure will not be painful, but some women have experienced reasonable cramping. If cramping does occur, it will only last a few minutes and pain medication will be provided. Cramping is often necessary and is an indication that the procedure is working properly. Manual Vacuum Aspiration allows women to resume their normal activities after the procedure.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration, as well as the Abortion by Pill, are labeled as the two safest forms of termination. There are minor health risks associated with Manual Vacuum Aspiration but are very rare.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration is an abortion method administered by highly-trained professionals that will leave you with a peace of mind and a comfortable experience.